The Best Types of Home Humidifiers

Usually when we think of winter, we can’t help but be reminded about the annoying feeling of having dry skin and trying to control that horrific flyaway hair. Fireplaces and furnaces are needed at this time but it’s what dries out the air even further that the air in our homes end up with very low levels of humidity that’s already unhealthy and uncomfortable.

The best way to fight this is by getting the best humidifier for home use. But, which one’s the best for you? There are so many out there.

The Best Types of Home Humidifiers
The Best Types of Home Humidifiers

First of all, you must know that there are 3 types of humidifiers: the Warm Mist, Cool Mist and the Ultrasonic.

The warm-mist humidifiers are also called as steam vaporizers because it humidifies the air by adding moisture through water heating that creates the steam and it is then being dispersed to the air. This will less likely cause bacterial or mold growth problems.

Because it’s producing warm mist, it helps in warming up the room during the cold months but would make it even warmer during the warm months. This is not the humidifier you’d want to purchase if you have kids around because of the hot steam and water that may harm them if unsupervised.

The cool-mist humidifiers are great for families with children because it’s much safer as it moisturizes the air by emitting cool mist instead of warm mist. This type of humidifier is with the growth of molds and bacteria which is why you need to replace the filters regularly to avoid this problem. It also requires regular cleaning. You also need to check the filter of mineral build-up has occurred from the minerals found in the water you used.

The ultrasonic humidifiers uses the ultrasonic vibrations to vaporize the water. The water vapor produced is cool and it disperses to the air quickly. Make sure you use distilled water as the mineral can be dispersed to the air as well. Because it’s a cooling humidifier, you also need to clean it periodically to avoid growth of bacteria, molds and deposits of minerals from the water.

Make sure you check the maintenance requirements of the unit as others require higher level of maintenance than others. But it will still be worth it with the benefits you’d get from humidifiers with regards to your health, the longevity of your furniture and even with the savings you get from electricity charges.

If your problem is with uncomfortably high humidity, you wouldn’t need a humidifier but instead, a home dehumidifier would be required.

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