Doing your own home improvements is something which thousands of people undertake each year for themselves. From Christmas decorations to decorating outside for Easter, there is always something in a home which can be improved or cleaned up to make look new.

But what if you are thinking about more dramatic changes than this? What if you want to re style your outside or inside space in line with new 2014 trends or even future 2015 and 2016 trends for that matter? Are there any cheap products out there which can dramatically change the look of your house at a little cost? Yes, there are!

Paint and lighting are two simple and quick fixes which you can implement at little cost, changing over your paint colours to a new scheme is easy and can be done at your leisure, just make sure you pull your dustsheets right up to the edge of your carpets or floor coverings.

LED light bulbs are a simple change which you can make today; adding new light tones and a different style of modern lighting to a room can dramatically affect the way the room looks and feels to those who visit.

Furniture and new items, simple additions to a room can be cheap too, choosing fixtures and features to present on top of tables, or corner units is a great way to make use of space which formally wasn’t being underutilised to its full potential, adding desk lamps and floor standing lamps can be a great way to light the corners of a room and make the room feel bigger. Swapping out the costly Halogen bulbs for LED bulbs here can too again make a big change to your existing light fittings as most modern replacement LED light bulbs (SEEN HERE) are direct replacements for their halogen predecessors.

Placing your furniture in and around a room in a sporadic fashion is never going to win any interior design awards, arranging your furniture so as to open up the floor space in a room or arrange a seating area is a good way to separate your house up into sections and rooms for events or different entertaining purposes.

This way you can then set colour schemes and styles to areas of your house and echo this out in your light tones and choice of lighting effects, utilising both side lamps on tables as well as floor standing lights and ceiling lights is a great way to create different moods for different times of day, warm and low wattage bulbs or even LED light bulbs in cool white or warm white could be a good way to separate out the various areas too.

The Basic Do's and Don't of Using a Food Dehydrator

The Basic Do's and Don't of Using a Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator is a relatively simple tool to use but for best results there are a few universal facts that need to be kept in mind to gain the best results from using it.

  1. DO slice the food items thinly. 1/4″ is usually the best size for most items be they fruit, vegetables, or meat.
  2. DO cover the trays thoroughly and evenly to maximize the output of any particular load but leave a small space between each for best air flow.
  3. DO keep an eye on the dehydrator and check its progress occasionally. Food closer to the fan output tends to dry more quickly and will need to be rotated every few hours.
  4. DO make sure the food is thoroughly dried before removing from the dehydrator. Let the items cool to room temperature before storing. Even with most of the moisture removed, sealing the food hot will cause “sweating” which will decrease shelf-life and create potentially deadly spoilage.
  5. DO clean the trays and bottom of the dehydrator occasionally so as to prevent buildup of food scraps on exposed surfaces.
  1. DON’T be afraid to try new and different foods in your dehydrator. There are many types of dried foods that can be used in a multitude of recipes.
  2. DON’T raise the thermostat above recommended levels in the mistaken idea you can shorten the drying time. Not only will this cause uneven drying, it will usually result in foods that are encased in a too-hard outer shell with moist, undried product in the middle. This is a recipe for quick spoilage and massive waste of food.
  3. DON’T mix different types of food in a single load. Different foods dry at different times. Also this can cause cross-contamination of the food items. Imagine dehydrating onions and bananas together and then trying to eat either one.
  4. DON’T forget to label and date your dried items when they are done. This way you know how old an item is and can form a good idea of how long preserved foods can last before needing to recycle and replace it.

Your bathroom is one of the most used and important rooms in your home, next to the kitchen, of course. Everyone uses the bathroom as a place to relax, especially if you have a nice soaking tub installed. If you have taken the time to remodel your bathroom, then you know that the right accessories can change the mood of your bathroom.

But few people out there understand that the addition of designer taps will make this room one of the best in your home. Bathroom taps are quite often overlooked by the majority of people when remodeling happens.

Great Taps to Spice up Your Bathroom

Great Taps to Spice up Your Bathroom

Great Taps to Spice up Your Bathroom

Everyone knows that taps can be added to create a custom theme, but when you add in the designer taps, they create a much deeper resonance with the person that is using the bathroom. Your taps can be just as creative as you are or they can be the bare minimum in appearance. It is all up to you and your imagination as to what you are going to put in. Just be aware that some of the higher class designer taps are going to cost you a bit of money.

There is actually a fairly large industry out there that creates designer taps for just about any type of theme you could ever think of. A quick search online will show you that choosing your perfect tap is going to take you a bit of time. There are literally so many choices available that it could take you a few days to narrow down your selection to the top 10 that you want to choose from. Even after that, it could take you a while to really figure out what is going to work best out of that list.

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t want to be too gaudy with your choice in bathroom taps. If your bathroom is fairly minimal in appearance, then you will want fairly minimal taps to go along with the theme. You aren’t going to put gold leaf taps into a modern minimalist bathroom. Along with taps one needs also cover bath with right bath panels. Bath panels hide the ugly body of a bath tub.

All these additions pay at the time of selling your home. People will look at your home to purchase if it has a designer bathroom look. Just keep things within the theme of your bathroom and you should do fine.

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